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Meet Alia, The Skin to Live In Chatbot: 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Got questions about your skin disease? We have answers - ask Alia, our chatbot. 

Let’s face it: Living with psoriasis or chronic urticaria can be tough, like, real tough. It encompasses all aspects of your life: From dating, to your job, to working out. It even impacts going to bed. It’s a 24/7 job so shouldn’t you be able to get answers to your questions about living with psoriasis or chronic urticaria 24/7, too? 

Well, now you can. To the millions around the world living with a skin condition: It’s time to meet Alia, the Skin to live in Facebook Messenger chatbot. Alia is designed to pull in the most relevant skin condition resources from Skin to live in to help answer your questions - day or night. It can also provide some comic relief as well. Let’s say you’re having a bad day, and you explain to Alia that you need a pick-me-up. Have no fear, Alia has a funny GIF to help you lift up your spirit and continue to press on.

Read what two of our writers had to say about Alia:


My first interaction with Alia was pretty cool. I simply went to the Skin to live in: Psoriasis Facebook page, clicked ‘send message’ and instantly met Alia. I was immediately prompted with, “How can I support you today?” (Already off to a great start!) What followed was a series of questions by Alia and answers by me – which I could select from a pre-populated list. I was able to tell Alia about my flare up, and it provided a very useful prompt to where I could take a DLQI test – something I hadn’t even considered before. When I wanted to know more about symptoms, Alia served up info about what to look out for. Pretty awesome!


I've never been comfortable with responding to questions regarding my condition, and [Alia] made it easy. I went to the Skin to live in: Urticaria Facebook page, clicked ‘send message’ and boom, Alia was ready to talk to me. I was actually going through a flare-up when I was using it, and just having questions such as "Oh no! What's wrong?" made me feel better about discussing it. There was plenty of reading material, and when you're having a breakout, you've got time to read, so it's great! I wish Alia was available to me 15 years ago!

For more about Alia, watch this video:

We understand that this isn’t the only resource for helping to reduce your skin condition, but it is our hope that Alia puts you on the right path to making a difference. So, what are you waiting for? Start asking Alia your questions today - Click here for psoriasis or here for urticaria. 

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