About ask your dermatologist

Thanks to advances in dermatology, more people are taking back kisses and cuddles, trips to the swimming pool or days out. And if you have psoriasis, so can you.

Ask your dermatologist aims to improve the lives of people with psoriasis by encouraging them to speak to someone who can help – their dermatologist.

Ask your dermatologist has been developed by Novartis, and is endorsed by EUROPSO.

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Use the Dermfinder to quickly find a dermatologist who is suitable for you in your area. You can decide if you are looking for someone who has a practice very close to where you live, or someone who can prescribe the right psoriasis treatment for you.

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Why ask?

Find out why it is important to speak to your dermatologist about your psoriasis.

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What help is available?

Discover what a dermatologist can do to help you manage your psoriasis.

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What are your treatment options?

Find out what a dermatologist will consider when making a treatment recommendation.

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Ask today

Start a conversation with your dermatologist.

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I asked

Find out what to do after speaking with your dermatologist.

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If you have a question, see if it’s already been answered or find out where to go for more information.

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