What help is available?

A dermatologist could be your next step

Although many people find their psoriasis is controlled with treatments available from their general practitioner (GP), others may find that their psoriasis continues to affect their daily lives. If this is your experience, the right person to speak to could be a dermatologist.1

Dermatologists are experts in treating skin conditions like psoriasis. This means they have a greater understanding of the range of treatments available, and are more familiar with how to use them.2

Whoever you speak to about your psoriasis (a GP or a dermatologist), you should feel comfortable talking honestly and openly to them about your skin, its impact on your daily life, and your goals for treatment.

How will a dermatologist assess your skin?

As well as talking to you about your psoriasis and looking at your skin, there are a number of tools that your dermatologist can use to measure how severe your psoriasis is, and how it is affecting you.

PASI (Psoriasis Area and Severity Index)1,3

The PASI is considered the current ‘gold standard’ used to assess psoriasis. It measures the area of the body covered by psoriasis, as well as the redness, thickness and scaliness of the plaques. The PASI gives a score out of 72, but in reality scores above 30 are rare.

BSA (Body Surface Area)1,3

The BSA score is simply the percentage of your body covered by psoriasis – it is a much simpler and quicker measurement than the PASI, but can sometimes lead to the severity of psoriasis being overestimated.

DLQI (Dermatology Life Quality Index)4

The DLQI is a questionnaire that your dermatologist may use to assess the impact that psoriasis is having on your daily life – it’s made up of 10 questions, which cover day-to-day activities, clothing, leisure, work and school, personal relationships and treatmet.

Your dermatologist may use one of these tools, or several, depending on their personal preference, and your score will be just one of the factors they consider when making a treatment recommendation.